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Registered Nurse Salary by state

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Registered Nurse Salary by state. How much does a registered nurse salary per week by state, city, experience and or specialty? There are dozens of different positions for registered nurses (RNs) and specialties, and each requires its own set of educational skills and requirements. Nurses also work in many different places, although about 60% of registered nurses work in hospitals.

Salaries are determined by factors such as specialty, education, experience, title and location. Any "average" salary for the profession is determined by these factors.

Certain specialties are better paid in any geographic area where registered nurses work, but experience also plays a very important role.

registered nurse salary by state

Registered Nures Salary by specialty

This is probably the category that most differentiates salaries among nurses. The highest paid registered nurses in the United States are mostly nursing professionals, which means they are the nurses who have received additional training and usually a master's degree.

The position for a registered nurse with the highest average salary at the national level is that of a certified anesthesiologist nurse with US $135,000, according to Nursing Link.

The salary of a nurse anesthetist in chief in San Jose, California, is almost US $210,000. Other highly paid skilled nursing jobs include research nurses and psychiatric nursing professionals with a salary of US $95,000, certified midwife nurses earn US $84,000, Pediatric endocrinology nurses and orthopedic nurses earn US $81,000 and professional nurses US $78,000.

The positions of registered nurses with the lowest salaries are those that provide home care or nursing at home, with salaries below those paid in the mid-1950s.

Registered Nurse Salary by city

Large metropolitan areas and university medical centers, top the list with the best nursing salaries in all areas, from the initial salaries for nursing staff to the highest specialized positions.

The metropolitan area centered in San Jose, California, just south of San Francisco, has the highest salary in the country for registered nurses with US $111,000 or more than US $53 per hour, or more than US $2,100 a week.

The Boston area, with the Boston Medical Center, the Tufts Medical Center, the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which is affiliated with Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the University Medical Campus of Boston and the Santa Elizabeth Medical Center have an average salary of US $85,000 for all nursing positions.

Registered Nurse Salary by state

California is the state with the best salaries for registered nurses, with an annual salary of US $85,000 or more than US $40 per hour, or US $1,600 per week.

Hawaii is close to US $80,000 per year and Maryland exceeds US $75,000 annually. Iowa, with US $51,648, has the lowest average salary in the country, even below Guam and only above Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands among the U.S. territories, while Oklahoma with US $52,850 and western United States. Virginia with US $53,319 is just above Iowa.

California is also the state with the most job opportunities for nurses with about 11,000 positions a year, while Wyoming applies for only about 200 new registered nurses a year.

Registered Nurse Salary by experience
As already mentioned, it is difficult to generalize about nursing salaries, due to the variety and diversity within the profession, but reliable data can be obtained by reviewing nursing salaries linked to experience.

The conclusion is that nurses with more experience, regardless of field or specialty, earn more. According to Pay Scale, a database of workers' compensation, registered nurses with one to four years of experience earn an average of US $38,280 to US $52,510 a year.

These figures increase steadily year after year, reaching almost US $74,000 (around US $1,400 per week) for nurses with more than 20 years of experience.
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