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Neonatal Nurses Requirements and salaries

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Neonatal Nurses Requirements and salaries. Neonatal nurses are registered nurses who specialize in the care of babies, usually from birth to the first 28 days of life.

Neonatal nurses can be staff nurses or they can have credentials in various fields of neonatal nursing. Registered nurses who have extensive experience and education can become certified practitioners of advanced neonatal nursing.

Registered neonatal nurses usually earn higher salaries than regular registered nurses.

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neonatal nurses requirements
Neonatal Nurses requirements - Neonatal nurses work with babies born with conditions that require substantial medical care.

Neonatal Nurse Education

All neonatal nurses must be registered nurses. There are three main educational paths that can prepare a candidate to become a registered nurse. A candidate must obtain an associate's degree in nursing at a local community college.

Another option is to obtain a diploma from a three-year nursing program in a teaching hospital. A candidate can also obtain a science degree in nursing degree through four-year courses at a traditional college or university.

The 50 states and the District of Columbia require candidates who have completed their education to pass and pass the National Council Licensure Examination-RN.

Individual states may have additional requirements for licensing for ER (registered nurses). Nursing practitioners must have at least a master's degree.

Neonatal Nurse Certification

The National Certification Corp. is the independent, non-governmental organization that provides credentials for neonatal nurses in the United States.

The NCC requires that registered nurses who want to take the exam to obtain a credential have a minimum of 2,000 hours of relevant experience over a period of 24 months working in the neonatal specialty.

Work experience may include a combination of research, direct patient care, administration or education. Candidates must meet both requirements: hours and months.

Each candidate must have been employed in the neonatal specialty within the period immediately preceding 24 months.


It is not required to have credentials to work as a staff ER in the neonatal department of a health care center. However, some employers prefer to hire candidates who have professional credentials in their field of expertise.

Registered nurses can obtain their credentials in low-risk neonatal nursing or in intensive care neonatal nursing. Nursing practitioner candidates can obtain credentials as neonatal nursing practitioners.

All credential candidates must meet the minimum experience requirements, in addition to taking and passing the appropriate certification exam.

Neonatal Nurse Salaries
Nurses who specialize in neonatal care often earn higher salaries than staff ERs. The average annual income for all registered nurses of all levels of experience throughout the United States was US $63,750 as of May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor (US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The average salary for neonatal REs was US $81,000 a year, and neonatal intensive care ERs earned average annual salaries of US $82,000 in May of 2011, according to the Indeed website.

The average annual salary for neonatal nursing practitioners was US $100,313 as of May 2011, according to the Salary com website.
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