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List of Nursing careers

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List of Nursing careers. The following is a list of nursing careers. Nurses are the Swiss army knife of the health care system, a group of versatile professionals who can accommodate almost any task.

From the entry points of treatment to patients to advanced levels of practice similar to doctors, the nursing profession includes jobs that cover a range of levels of education and skill.

list of nursing careers

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants, or nurse's assistants, as they are known in some jurisdictions, represent the entry level of the nursing field. They are responsible for the most fundamental levels of patient care, including bathing, food and basic hygiene.

The training is short, and usually consists of a few months in a certified program in a hospital, a vocational university or a community university.

CNAs are widely used in hospitals, care centers and other long-term care facilities, where they spend a lot of time in direct patient care. They are usually the staff that spends more time alone with the patient, and are usually the first to notice changes in the patient's condition.

Practical / Vocational Licensed Nurse

Licensed practical or vocational nurses are trained for longer than nurse assistants, usually completing a full year of instruction or community college.

Their duties often overlap those of nurse's aides, although LPNs are often entrusted with a wider range of responsibilities. Their range of training varies by state, but LPN's usually insert catheters, change bandages, take samples for tests, and measure and record the vital signs of a patient.

In some states, they may also be allowed to start intravenous drips or administer medications. LPNs usually practice under the supervision of registered nurses or doctors. Experienced LPNs can become supervisors or administrators.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are the draft horses of the nursing profession. They can be found at all levels of health care, from basic care in dealing with patients to the most advanced positions in management and clinical practice.

The minimum educational standard for registered nurses is a two-year associate degree in nursing, or ADN (acronym in English). Faster progress and greater opportunities come with a four-year degree in nursing.

Experienced nurses can obtain a certificate of specialization in the field of practice such as obstetrics, gynecology or surgical nursing, properly known as perioperative nursing. Those with the necessary aptitude and ambition can try to become advanced practical nurses.

Advanced Practical Nursing
Advanced practical nurses obtain a master's degree or a doctoral degree in nursing, and become certified in one of four fields. Midwifery nurses have advanced training in gynecology and obstetrics, and can serve as a woman's health care provider throughout her life.

Beautician nurses are trained to safely put anesthesia and sedation during surgical procedures. The specialist clinical nurses offer similar care to doctors in emergency medicine, cardiology and many other fields.

Practicing nurses are primarily caregivers in areas such as pediatrics, gynecology and family medicine. Each state regulates nurse practitioners differently, but they can usually diagnose patients, ask for tests and prescribe medications.

Non-clinical nursing
Not all nursing is clinical. Many of the most rewarding careers in the profession take place far from the beds. For example, nursing educators must obtain a degree that combines nursing and education, and can become teachers and mentors for the next generation of students.

Quality managers evaluate nursing departments and their processes, determining their workflows and the impact on patient outcomes. The IT departments of health care employ specialists in nursing informatics, nurses with training and experience in the computerized management of health records.

Nurses with degrees in business, management or health care administration can climb the corporate ladder to the highest levels.
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