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Online Registered Nurse Programs

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Online Registered Nurse programs includes courses and curricula, which help candidates to gain knowledge to become registered nurses. Non-clinical segments of the course are provided online. You can take your own clinical program at the nearest medical center.

This allows aspirants to appear for NCLEX-RN, an examination for a registered nurse license in the United States. There are many universities that offer a combination of online and campus programs. If you want to become a registered nurse, you must first get an online associate or bachelor degree.

After this, you must pass the licensing exam and complete the formalities and documentation. You also need to gain some experience while working in an acute health care environment.

online registered nurse programs

Requirements for Online Registered Nurse Degree Program

First of all, you must check and search for the best online nursing schools and after this, you must complete the requirements mentioned here, to register for the BSN program.

Appears for the ACT or SAT exam.
  • Minimum GPA fluctuates from 2.0 to 3.25 which can vary according to school.
  • Mandatory English study for 4 years in high school.
  • Learn a foreign language for 2 years in middle school.
  • Compulsory mathematics learning, including geometry and algebra II, for 3 years in secondary school.
  • Students must study science, including biology and chemistry, for 3 years in middle school.
  • The MSN, RN-to-MSN, and RN-to-BSN programs have formalities that must be completed.
  • Candidates must graduate from a nursing school recognized by the National League of Nursing (NLN).
  • You must have an RN nursing license at this time.
  • Depending on the institution, the GPA can range from 2.5 to 3.0.

Benefits of an Online Nursing Programs

  • This program is most suitable for all working nurses, who do not have time to continue their education on campus.
  • The choice of the RN online program allows nurses to receive advanced degrees at home, and they can complete their courses at their convenience.
  • This helps them save on travel expenses, as well as other small expenses. Also, a large amount of time is saved for those who live very far from college.
  • They are given a flexible study schedule; therefore, they do not need to compromise their work or work for the course.
  • You can access class notes and modules which can be downloaded 24 × 7.
  • Student-friendly and interactive online classes. You can post your views, upload your assignments and participate in discussions.
  • You can ask questions from your instructor without hesitation.
  • Many schools are recognized for making separate arrangements for clinical internships under the guidance of a professional nurse.

Online Registered Nurse Programs Losses

  • The main disadvantage of this program is the lack of interaction. There are certain things which cannot be done because of the online aspects of this course.
  • A large number of schools in the US offer online registered nurse programs. Hunting for a recognized school itself is a big challenge.
  • Another disadvantage is the lack of assistance needed at a point in time. Tutors reply after days or weeks with questions placed online.
  • Lack of appropriate clinical practice and course effectiveness are certain points of concern in online classes.
  • Because these classes only cover the theoretical aspects of nursing, you are required to travel to gain practical knowledge.
  • It is very difficult to have adequate devotion to the curriculum if you pursue online education.
  • Lack of accreditation and inadequate clinical experience are some of the reasons for the high failure rate of nursing students. This has raised big questions on the integrity of online courses.
Difference between On-Campus and Online RN Education
  • Students, who choose the online Registered Nurse programs, generally do not have the opportunity to interact directly with instructors and classmates. All communication is done via email or done by online discussion. On the other hand, students, who take education on campus, have the advantage of receiving instructor lectures and also, they can solve their questions and problems.
  • In traditional nursing programs, it is imperative for students to attend classes, which means that they must go to college regularly regardless of their work. However, in the case of online courses, students can arrange their study schedules along with work.
  • In the online program, there is a great emphasis on participation, which means that everyone becomes part of this discussion by posting their views and views, whereas, in terms of education on campus, they are judged based on grades and class. test papers.
  • Traditional campus classes offer resources that are slightly different from on-line classes.
  • Compared to on-campus programs, online courses are flexible and cheaper.
Institutions Offering Online Registered Nurse Programs Classes
In the United States, there are a large number of colleges that provide accredited online RN programs:
1. Mercy College
Address: 2221 Madison Avenue, Toledo, Ohio- 43604
Contact number: 419-251-1313
Official website: http://www.mercycollege.edu/

2. Capella University
Address: Capella Tower, 225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota- 55402
Contact number: 1-612-339-8650
Official website: http://www.capella.edu/

3. Graceland University
Address: 1 University Pl, Lamoni, Iowa- 50140
Contact number: +1 641-784-5000
Official website: http://www.graceland.edu/

4. Jacksonville University
Address: 2800 University Boulevard North, Jacksonville, Florida- 32211
Contact number: 800-225-2027
Official website: http://www.ju.edu/

5. Keiser University
Address: 1500 Northwest 49th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Contact number: 888-534-7379
Official website: http://www.keiseruniversity.edu/

6. Liberty University
Address: 1971 University Boulevard, Lynchburg, Virginia- 24515
Contact number: (434) 582-2000
Official website: http://www.liberty.edu/

7. Norwich University
Address: 158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, Vermont- 05663
Contact number: 802-485-2000
Official website: http://www.norwich.edu/

8. Post University
Address: 800 Country Club Road, P.O. Box 2540, Waterbury, Connecticut- 06723
Contact number: 800-345-2562
Official website: http://www.post.edu/

9. Winston-Salem State University
Address: 601 South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina- 27110
Contact number: +1 336-750-2000
Official website: http://www.wssu.edu/

10. Thomas Edison State College
Address: 101 West State St., Trenton, NJ 08608
Contact number: +1-888-442-8372
Official website: http://www.tesc.edu/

11. University Of Cincinnati
Address: 2600 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio- 45220
Contact number: +1-513-556-6000
Official website: http://www.uc.edu/

12. Walden University
Address: 100 Washington Ave. South, Suite900 Minneapolis, MN 55401
Contact number: 1-866-492-5336
Official website: http://www.waldenu.edu/

13. West Virginia University
Address: Morgantown, West Virginia- 26506
Contact number: +1 304-293-0111
Official website: http://www.wvu.edu/

14. Western Governors University
Address: Salt Lake City, Utah- 84107
Contact number: +1-801-274-3280
Official website: http://www.wgu.edu/

Key Points for Successful Pursuing Online Registered Nurse Program
Online education can be very beneficial for all candidates, who want to pursue a career in nursing. However, it is very important for students to work hard in the right direction to successfully complete the course. Some important things to keep in mind when pursuing an online course are-
  • It is very important that the individual is organized and systematic. An online student must plan his schedule in advance to eliminate any form of delay or hassles. They must arrange everything well, including study materials and time tables.
  • There should be no doubt about communicating with professors and fellow students via e-mail. Email is the only medium for interacting and asking questions and removing questions or doubts.
  • Self motivation is the key to the success of online courses. They must be disciplined and timely. Students must have positive thoughts and must complete their assignments on time.
  • Candidates must have the qualities to work alone without the help or direction of professors. This will help him gain a better understanding of the course.
  • Online courses require a lot of equipment and tools, such as books, computers, internet, and access to online classes. It is mandatory that students have full access to these things to complete their coursework.
  • It is important that you provide the right and sufficient amount of time for these courses. There are times when students face additional burdens, but we must adjust and do each task with precision.
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