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RN Las Vegas Salary

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RN Las Vegas Salary. The average salary for a Registered Nurse in NV is $84,980, which is well above the national average for Registered Nurses. There are around 34,310 RNs working in various industries in the state of Nevada.

Registered Nurse salaries in the Las Vegas metro area Henderson Paradise, NV are $41.92 per hour or $87,200 per year.

If you live in the Las Vegas area and are considering becoming a nurse, you might be wondering how much you can produce as an RN.

rn las vegas salary

Some important things about Registered Nurse in Las Vegas

According to data collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2017, Registered nurses in the Las Vegas metropolitan area earn an average annual salary of around $88,000, where the salary is above the national average salary of registered nurses, $71,730.

A number of factors that might have influenced this higher salary for nurses in Las Vegas were higher than average living costs in Las Vegas.

On average, the RN yields 11% higher than the national average, according to

The salary figures are averages, and individual salary levels will vary from nurse to nurse depending on the demand for skilled nurses, employers, level of experience and areas of expertise.

In addition, nurses with advanced practice certification will generally get more. For example, according to BLS data, a nurse practitioner in the Las Vegas area earns an average salary of $110,450 per year.

How much tax does RN have to pay in Las Vegas, NV?

For an individual rapporteur in this tax group, you will have an average federal tax estimate in 2018 of 22%. After a federal tax rate of 22% has been issued, an RN can expect to receive a payment of $63,033 per year, with each salary equivalent to around $2,626.

Quality of Life for Registered Nurse in Las Vegas

With a take-out pay of around $5,253 / month, and an average 2BR apartment rental price of $1,143 / month ** in Las Vegas, NV, RN BSN will pay 21.76% of the monthly salary brought home for rent. The average income spent on living expenses excluding rent in Las Vegas per month for an individual is $837, and for a 4-person family of $3,076 ***. This means that for an individual, the total cost of living is 37.7% of the BSN RN in Las Vegas' salary leaving $3,273 as additional income; whereas for families with 4 people, the total cost of living is 80.32% of the BSN RN in Las Vegas' salary leaving $1,034 as discretionary income.
** This rental cost was derived according to an online report at Apartment List
*** Average cost of living was acquired from Numbeo's Cost of Living Index
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