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Registered Nurse Salary NYC

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Registered Nurse Salary NYC. How much is the Registered Nurse income in New York? A survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that the average wage of registered nurses in New York was $85,610 and the average salary per hours are $41.16 in May 2018.

New York employs 182,490 RN in May 2018. Employment per 1000 jobs is 19,444. An average payment of one hour from a Registered Nurse in New York is $41.01.

The numbers on indeed reveal that the average RN salary in NY is around $32.43 per hour on July 25, 2019, which met the nationwide average registered nurse salary. It also states that the RN in NY brings home an average overtime of $13500 per year.

This salary estimate is taken from the salary submitted by around 4,500 registered nurses, who work in the state of New York at this time.

The data above clearly shows that nursing is a useful career to pursue if you live in New York. However, candidates must clear the NCLEX-RN exam to get a license in NY before practicing this profession.

However, to outperform this exam, candidates must join an accredited nursing school in NY that offers a complete RN program including practical sessions.

registered nurse salary nyc
Registered Nurse Salary in NYC.

Annual RN salary in New York (NY) for Different Percentile Brackets

The info below provides estimates of the annual salary of registered nurses in different percentile brackets.

  • 90% of the RN earns less than $1,20,890 per year; while the remaining 10% enjoys more than $1,20,890.
  • 75% of registered nurses are offered with amounts less than $1.01,440; while the remaining 25% was offered more than $1,01,440.
  • 50% earn less than $85,300; The other 50% gets more than $85,300.
  • 25% of employees are given less than $67,300; while the remaining 75% was given more than $67,300.
  • 10% of the RN is paid in an amount of less than $55,450; while the remaining 90% is paid more than $55,450.

RN salary in Big Cities in New York

Before you start looking for work, you must know the best-paid cities in New York. Although, a number of big cities in NY pay RN with favorable payments, but you can choose the best among them because the cost of living in your area significantly influences your salary.

According to statistics from the report, 30 July 2019, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and NYC paid the highest salaries to the Nurse Staff, while James Town paid the minimum.

As of July 30, 2019, the average salary of a Level 1 Registered Nurse in NY with 0-2 years experience was $67,040 per year, according to Salary.

Statistics by the same site show that RN salaries for level 2, level 3 and Head Nurses are $80,040, $93,400 and $116,039 per year, respectively, in July 2019.

Another benefit for RN in NY

Certain benefits provided to nurses are listed as gifts and benefits are given below:

  • Fringe-benefits
  • Experience-credits
  • Pension credits
  • Extra Bonuses
  • Paid education leave
  • Disability insure
  • The childcare support

Job Outlook for Registered Nurse in New York
In the current era, nurses are respected and valued members of the health care department who convey their body of information and awareness for the evolution of the health care sector. The entire medical system cannot even think of its existence without nurses.

According to the BLS report as of May 2018, among the 12 metropolitan areas in NY, the New York-Newark-Jersey City area has 37,070 LPNs, 13,470 nurse practitioners, 99,940 nursing assistants, 202,660 home health assistants and 176,780 RN were employed. In the New York-Jersey City-White Plains division in this area, 75% of this employment is located.

The average annual wage of Registered Nurses in the New York-Newark-Jersey City metropolitan area is $91,160 per year, which is above the national average.
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