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Online Associate Nursing Program

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Online Associate Nursing Program. Nurses work in hospitals and doctor's offices, offering vital medical care for patients. Graduates with online associate degrees in nursing pursue careers on demand that offer favorable salaries.

Registered nurses benefit from high salaries and strong job growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), generating an average of $70,000 per year. Nurses with associate degrees meet educational qualifications to obtain an RN license.

The flexibility of the online program makes it easy for prospective nurses to join this profession. One of the most affordable online associate nursing program is Pratt Community College (PCC).

online associate nursing program
Online Associate Nursing Program

Example courses for the Online Associate Nursing Program

The following are examples of courses for online associate nursing programs that you can take to get an advanced degree in nursing.

Fundamentals of Nursing
Nursing students who get an associate's degree often begin with an introductory course that covers the basics of nursing. This topic covers nursing science which is centered on evidence-based nursing, patients, collaboration between patients and medical professionals, and quality improvement.

Health Assessment
In a health assessment class, nursing students learn how to collect, organize, and interpret information about a patient's health. This course trains nurses to carry out physical assessments, patient interviews, and mental health examinations. Classes can also discuss the best method for communicating with patients.

Human anatomy
Many programs combine classes in human anatomy, providing students with basic knowledge of human biology. Classes can provide structural and functional approaches to anatomy. Nursing students learn about the vital system, including the respiratory system, blood circulation, and digestion, and their connection to health.

Nursing Ethics
Students will learn practice and theory about ethical nursing, receive guidance and get the best advice from experienced nurses. Classes can cover broad ethical issues in health and moral issues facing professional nurses, preparing nurses to provide ethical care.

Family Health
Family health classes train nursing students to provide health services to infants, children and pregnant women. Classes can include nutrition, infection, stress, and other health problems. Classes prepare nurses to work in family clinics, pediatrician offices, and other settings where they work with children.

How long do you get an Online Associate in the Nursing Program?

Getting an online associate degree in nursing usually requires two years of full-time study. Nursing students may be able to complete their degree in a shorter time by enrolling in accelerated programs. Some programs offer the option to register part time, which adds time to the degree. An associate degree requires around 60 credits.

Some program characteristics affect the length of an associate's degree in nursing. For example, most programs incorporate clinical hours, which allow students to gain hands-on experience. This requirement can add time to the degree.

An online program that allows students to continue the course at their own pace can enable advanced students to complete their degree in a shorter time. In cohort learning programs, nursing students advance at the specified speed, which is the same for all students in the group.

How Much is an Online Associate in Nursing Costs?

The cost of an online associate nursing program varies depending on the type of school and duration of the program. Students attending an online community college can pay $6,000 for a two-year degree, while private schools can cost $30,000 or more.

Nursing students who attend state universities in their state can save by paying tuition fees in the state. Some programs are offered at flat school rates for online students.

Regardless of where students live, it can save thousands of dollars compared to going through the same education abroad. Online students may need to pay assessment and technology fees, depending on the program.

Accreditation for Online Associates in Nursing Degrees
Prospective nursing students must choose an accredited program. During the accreditation process, an independent institution evaluates the graduation requirements of the nursing program, student learning outcomes, and faculty qualifications to ensure the program follows best practices for training nurses.

Two accrediting institutions review nursing programs: the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

ACEN accredits associate nursing programs, while CCNE accredits BSN and graduate programs in nursing. Nurses need a degree from this accredited program to get a registered nursing license.

In addition to program accreditation, universities that host associate degrees in nursing programs (ADN) can hold regional or national accreditations. Regional accreditation remains the highest standard, fulfilling the requirements for most licenses and certifications.

Students in regionally accredited programs qualify for federal financial assistance and usually receive more job opportunities than students from non-accredited schools.

Various accreditation agents operate in various regions of the country for various disciplines. The Department of Education (ED) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) certify accreditation institutions that meet stringent standards for independence and quality.

Both ED and CHEA offer a list of accredited schools on their website. Because accreditation plays an important role in academic quality and job prospects, our ranking only covers accredited online associate degree nursing programs.
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