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UCF Accelerated Nursing

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UCF Accelerated Nursing from University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Nursing provides a limited-access nursing acceleration program, for upper-divisions for those of you who already have a bachelor's degree and are ready to switch to a career path of nursing as requested.

The second level Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program at UCF College of Nursing is for you.

For those of you who graduate from the UCF Second Degree BSN program, you will also be fully eligible to become an RN and can provide comprehensive care in a variety of health care settings.

UCF Accelerated Nursing program reviews

Available Scholarships. UCF College of Nursing has provided Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarships, while most second-level students will not be eligible for federal assistance. The generous Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarship is available for prospective Second Degree BSN students.

ucf accelerated nursing

Is this program for you?
You can be a candidate for the BSN Second Degree program if you meet the application requirements, namely: At least you have a bachelor's degree or maybe higher in a non-nursing discipline from a regionally accredited educational institution and do not have an RN license (see also: Registered Nurse Salary).

If you are in active military duty and are eligible for a MECP (Military Enlisted Commissioning Program), you can also be a candidate in this Second Degree BSN program.

UCF College of Nursing is very proud to support state military members who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree through the MECP (Medical Commissioning Enlisted Programing).

When can you register for this program?
^ It is strongly recommended that you apply to UCF College of Nursing at least 3 months before the deadline for nursing applications. You must be admitted to the University of Central Florida before you can apply to a limited program, including a division BSN program for Nursing.

Summer Admission
  • Apply to UCF by Oct.15^
  • Apply to Second Degree BSN by Jaan. 1-15
  • Submit TEAS by Jan. 15
  • Apply to Helene Fuld Scholarship by Jan.1- Feb.1

What should you expect from the curriculum?
Science, gets a strong emphasis in the BSN curriculum. The BSN level includes service learning courses with clinical rotation in communities that are medically underserved in a variety of cultures, as well as clinical rotations in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other health institutions.

All nursing programs offered take place during the day. While for some clinical rotations it can be done at night or on weekends.

UCF College of Nursing provides a strong foundation for the BSN curriculum for beginner-level nursing practices to improve leadership positions and postgraduate studies. A nurse with a BSN degree provides comprehensive care in a variety of acute, community and rehabilitation settings.
  • Prerequisite for BSN
  • Study Plan of BSN
  • Transfer Course
  • UCF Catalog
  • Obtaining an RN License

UCF School of Nursing Degree Requirements
  • Students who want to change their degree program and choose this department, must adopt the latest catalog year, including minors.
  • Students are required to consult with their advisors in the Office of Service of the Undergraduate Students of the Faculty of Nursing to obtain clarification of questions regarding prerequisite requirements.
  • Overall a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the nursing department are required for the continuation and graduation of the nursing program.
  • UCF Residency requirement: 30 hours (if applicable)

So, if you are looking for a nursing acceleration program with a 2.5 GPA in Florida, then UCF Nursing (BSN) - BSC Accelerated Second Degree, can be your choice.

UCF Accelerated Nursing Program Cost

Fee Name In State Rate Out of State Rate
Tuition 105.07 105.07
Non-Resident Fee 0.00 511.06
Capital Improvement Fee 6.76 6.76
Financial Aid Fee 5.16 5.16
Non-Resident Financial Aid Fee 0.00 25.55
Activity & Service Fee 11.67 11.67
Transportation Access Fee 9.10 9.10
Health Fee 10.84 10.84
Athletic Fee 14.32 14.32
Tuition Differential* 44.20 44.20
Technology Fee 5.16 5.16
Tuition and Fees Total for 1 Credit Hour 212.28 748.89

Source: UCF tuition rates current.

UCF Nursing address; 12201 Research Parkway, Suite 300, Orlando, Florida 32826 - P: 407-823-2744 - website.

UCF College of Nursing is the best accelerated nursing programs in Florida that can be your choice (read also: BSN Salary in Florida).

UF Accelerated Nursing at CastleBranch

The UF Accelerated BSN program in CastleBranch requires that all Nurse School students must comply with the health policy as required by the Academic Health Center and the College of Nursing of UF (University of Florida). Failure to comply with these requirements will jeopardize the start of clinical courses.

Uniform and Equipment Requirements. The image of students in representing professional images when representing universities is in various backgrounds. These include clean clothes, wrinkle free, and clean shoes. Non-compliant students will not be able to participate in the learning experience.

Registration information for each semester will be posted on the College of Nursing website to the Student Adviser / Class Schedule. It is highly recommended to check this link regularly so that you can get information before the start of class. Check the University of Florida College of Nursing schedule of courses here.

UF Accelerated Nursing address; 1225 Center Drive, Gainesville, FL 32610 - P.352-273-6400

USF Accelerated Nursing
USF Accelerated Nursing The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at USF (University of Sioux Falls) in South Dakota also provides an opportunity for anyone to change their lives and careers with an accelerated nursing degree program. If you have previously obtained a bachelor's degree in a field other than the nursing field, but want to add a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to your resume, you are in the best place to learn more about the accelerated USF nursing program.

USF Accelerated Nursing programs address; 1101 W. 22nd St. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 - P. (800) 888-1047 - website.
UNF Accelerated Nursing
UNF's accelerated nursing program requires college graduates and trains them to become nurses in 13 months.

The program led by a professor at the School of Nursing, part of UNF's Brooks College of Health, -Cynthia Cummings, brings people who have completed a traditional four-year undergraduate degree program and placed them on the 13-month track to get a bachelor's degree in nursing .

For them, the main attraction of the UNF program is to make people ready to continue their professional lives prepared relatively quickly. But there is an added bonus that graduates of the UNF Nursing School have a graduation rate of 94.29 in the National Certification License Exam.

University of North Florida address; 1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224 - P. (904) 620-1000 - website.

So if you currently have a bachelor's degree in any field but you are interested in making career changes in nursing, UCF, UF, USF and UNF can be the best choice for accelerated nursing programs in Florida for you.
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