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Registered Nurse Certification & Careers

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Registered Nurse Certification & Careers. Registered Nurse is obtained after the nurse has qualified to receive licensure and is a fully trained nurse.

Certification is given to individuals after graduating from nursing school or college.

There are many resources available for nurses seeking certification available both online and in classroom training. But this choice depends on the choice of certification program.

There are many registered nurse certification programs, and nurses need to consider individual desires, requirements and interests.

The most important thing to consider is that the certification or the credential has to be gained from a reputed and accredited nursing school, which shows the nurse has obtained knowledge, skills and expertise in nurse training.

Registered Nurses can seek certification has many resources available, both online and offline but before selection of the program the nurse needs to be careful and take measures to ensure information and the training provided by the program is accurate.

Registered Nurse certification is a process of determining obtained a level of expertise in a specialty in the field by the nurse there are plenty of resources available for the certification process. The best way to get information about the certification is to go through the review sites online, this is quiet useful and the candidates needs to use the information wisely before seeking certification.

Basically there are two types of registered nurse certification available to nurses, firstly they are the licensed practical or vocational nurse and secondly there are registered nurses (RN).

The two certification programs are quiet similar and the nurses provide similar care to patients, but the registered nurse has additional training and education as the job of the Licensed Practical Nurses are usually more limited and oriented to the requirement of a particular state and the Registered Nurse training is designed to provide training in patient care situations and the process is quiet detailed with advance knowledge of the treatment measures.

Basically both registered nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are called nurses, but they differ in practices significantly. The licensed practical nurse has a limited scope of practice than the registered nurse, and the registered nurse often supervising the practice of the Licensed Practical Nurses.

registered nurse certification and careers

Registered nurse certification is awarded after having completed a minimum of a two-year college degree, with at least two years of specialized courses training before attending nursing school. Generally most of the registered nurses have bachelor’s or master's degrees, though the license or certification, then the registered nurses take the examination, the NCLEX-RN, irrespective of the training all the registered nurses are certified only after completing the examination formalities and have similar scopes of practice upon certification.

Registered Nurse Careers

As the largest health care work, registered nurses have a large range of careers and nurses are one in 10 jobs that are expected to have many new job opportunities every year, but this opportunity is for excellent nurses with advanced education and training. In some countries it was reported that there was a shortage of registered nurses, mainly because of an aging workforce and a decline in nurse school enrollment.

There are excellent Registered nurse careers opportunities for educated, trained and skilled registered nurses with knowledge of the technological advances in patient care, and developed ability to treat more medical problems, and provide them with preventive care. The field of registered nurse is projected to grow rapidly in the recent years to come and has the ability to attract more and more students towards the field and get trained and certified to enter the registered nurse field and build an excellent career.

The Registered nurse careers can be developed in various areas of practice and they can get employed in areas that include includes Hospitals, Clinics or medical offices, Nursing Homes, Home-health, teaching hospitals, colleges and Universities.

Registered nurse careers are largely working in hospitals and here the nurse provide nursing care and carry out medical regimens and supervise licensed practical nurses theses nurses may also be assigned in area, such as medical, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency room, intensive care.

Clinic or medical office nurses care for outpatients in physicians’ offices, clinics, surgery center and emergency medical centers. They prepare patients for the treatment and assist the physicians in examination of the patients and administer injections and medications, dress wounds and incisions, assist with minor surgery and maintain records and prescribe laboratory tests required.

Nursing home nurses manage nursing care for residents on in patients they often spend much of the time on administrative and supervisory tasks, they follow the health condition, develop treatment plans, supervise licensed practical nurses, also work in specialty-care departments.

Home-health nurses provide periodic services to patients in their homes. In some special cases the patients require some treatment procedure to be followed at home after being discharged from hospital, so here they require the Home-health nurses. The job of the Home-health nurses is firstly assessing patients’ home environments, and instructs patients and their families. Home-health nurses care for a broad range of patients, and help them in recovering from illnesses and accidents,

Public health nurses who work in private and government institutions, and schools, clinics, retired communities and other community settings. They work with individuals, groups, and families to improve the overall health of communities. They regulate immunization, blood pressure tests and other health screening. The nurse also works with teachers, community leaders, doctors and parents in public health education.
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