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How Much Do Registered Nurses Make?

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How Much Do Registered Nurses Make? Due to the current nursing shortage, registered nursing is one of the most lucrative career choices out there.

Whether you are a student out of a high school or an adult returning to school, you may want to think about becoming a registered nurse (RN). Before pursuing a career in nursing, it is ideal to have an understanding of what type of salary to expect.

How Much Do Registered Nurses Make – Average Salary for Registered Nurses

The average annual registered nurse salary is $62,450, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It can range from less than $43,410 a year to more than $92,240 a year, also according to the BLS. Note that there are many factors which determine how much a registered nurse can earn. They include the following:

how much do registered nurses make

1. Geographic Location Effects

Registered nurses who work in certain regions earn more money than those in others. Working in a metropolitan area can increase an RN's salary. Nurses in the north and east may have higher earnings than those in the south and west. However, it is important to keep in mind that geographic location impacts average earnings for any career.

2. Nursing Degree Level Effects

The type of college degree that a registered nurse earns can impact his or her salary. Nurses who earn a bachelor's degree of science in nursing (BSN) earn about $6,000 more a year on average, according to Drexel University. It is common for registered nurses who have earned an associate's degree in nursing (ADN) to advance their careers by completing an RN to BSN degree program.

3. Effects Of Experience
As with other careers, the number of years of experience a nurse has impacts earning potential. Nurses with many years of experience are likely to have higher earnings than those in entry-level positions. This is another factor which holds true with most careers.

4. Nursing Specialty Effects
The specialty that an RN chooses can have an impact on earning potential. Nurses who work in more challenging environments, such as a neonatal nurse or operation room nurses, tend to earn more money. Choosing to become an advanced practice nurse (APN), can also increase a RN's potential salary.

For the right individual, nursing can be a very lucrative career choice. Nursing salaries are generally competitive and often come with great benefits packages. It is also more common for RNs to work full-time rather than part-time. Hopefully this gave you some idea of how much do registered nurses make.

What Does A Registered Nurse Do?
When it comes to the question of what does a registered nurse do, the answer could potentially fill up a book. But to answer what does a registered nurse do in this article, I will try to hit the highlights.

At its most basic description, the registered nurse job duties include treating and educating patients under their care. What exactly all is involved with the treatment can include taking detailed health histories, administering medications, performing diagnostic tests, and patient and family education. In recent years patient education has become more important in the nursing field.

What Does A Registered Nurse Do As Far As Patient Education?
This can be a very involved process that includes things such as teaching patients how to take their medications, things to eliminate from their diet, exercises to perform after discharge, and where to find additional information on their disease process.

A registered nurse will develop a plan of care for their patients in addition to what a physician may prescribe. In some hospitals this is an easier process because of the prevalence of treatment protocols. But being able to cater these protocols to your individual patients sets great nurses apart from their coworkers.

What does a registered nurse do with regards to specialty? Of course depending on what area you choose to work in as a registered nurse, job duties can vary greatly. I have been an emergency room nurse for many years. I enjoy working in this area of the hospital because you never know what will come through the doors, so you have to be well rounded and prepared for anything. Other areas include working with children, operating room nursing, cancer treatment, public health nursing, and many many more.

"What does a registered nurse do" is a question with many answers. Browse this website for much more information.
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